UCA Mentorship Programme: Support for University Planning and Applications

If you are a top student in your final year of high school in Central Asia and thinking about applying to university, UCA will match you with two mentors: an international and University of Central Asia (UCA) undergraduate student. Our international mentors are currently completing their degrees at a university in the United States, Australia or Canada, and they will help you navigate the overseas university application process and advise you on how to make good decisions about your education and your future career path. UCA mentors will share their experience applying to universities across Central Asia and their experiences with academic and residence life.

This is the first programme of its kind in Central Asia. As a mentee, you will be assigned both an International and a UCA mentor to ensure that you get both a Central Asian and international perspective. Mentors will be trained to help you think about your goals, how to select a high quality university and plan for the future. Over the course of five weeks, you will connect regularly with your mentors via Skype. You will also be able to consult with UCA mentorship staff for any support or questions.

Your mentors will help you:

  • Learn from their experience applying to and studying at a world-class institution locally and abroad.
  • Define what a high quality university is and select where you will apply.
  • Set goals to develop important planning skills for university success.
  • Understand which study and test-taking skills will prepare you for university.
  • Navigate the university application process for institutions in Central Asia and abroad.
  • Select an academic concentration through career planning advice.
  • Learn about academics and on-campus residential life at UCA and other universities.

Programme Dates and Schedule

The Mentorship Programme will be held between January and February 2017.


23-29 January 2017
"Getting to know your mentee and setting expectations"; "What makes a quality university?"

30 January - 05 February
"Academic life, residence life and leaving home"

06-12 February
"Career and educational goal planning"

13-19 February
"How to fill out a University Application in Central Asia and abroad"

20-26 February
"Goodbye or Au revoir?"

How to apply?

To apply, please complete the online application form.

Learn more about UCA

If you are interested in joining the programme, please contact: admissions@ucentralasia.org or +996 (312) 663 822 / +996 770 822 901.