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List of current vacancies:

1 | Manager of Center of Entrepreneurship (Deadline: 04 Oct. 2020)

2 | Compliance Officer / Lawyer / Senior Lawyer (Deadline: 15 Oct. 2020)

3 | Manager of Advancement for Kazakhstan (Deadline: Position open until filled)

4 | Student Life Advisor (Deadline: Position open until filled)

5 | Campus Counsellor (Deadline: Position open until filled)

Manager of Center of Entrepreneurship

Position: Manager of Center of Entrepreneurship
Department: The School of Professional and Continuing Education
Duty station: Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic
Deadline: 04 October 2020

The School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE) is one of the three schools at UCA that fosters community engagement by offering a wide range of non-degree courses and programs to a broad spectrum of students. SPCE programmes meet the immediate and emerging needs of communities for skills and qualification for employment and occupational and education mobility. It has played an important role in improving the livelihoods and living conditions of people of the region.

AKF/UCA is currently implementing Local Impact project consisting of two inter-connected components of Energy Plus (EP) and Future of Work (FOW) that are addressing regional investment in skills for the future. The strategic goal of this project is to mobilize demand for youth workers, support youth businesses and alternative forms of work, thus investing in future skills required by the youth at national and local levels. 

It is envisioned that a Center for Entrepreneurship (CE) will be established under the Local Impact Project, focusing on the socio-economic development of the region, refinement of business ideas and support of the regulatory framework for the support of business service delivery. The CE aims at refining/clarifying business ideas and creating an open public dialogue with potential entrepreneurs for the development and launch of new businesses. The goal of CE is to inspire and transform the community into entrepreneurial thinkers and business creators.

The CE will be led by a Manager who will lead the initiative to teach the skills needed to successfully transform/convert high-potential projects and ideas into viable businesses. By learning these skills, individuals will become better prepared to not only identify but also act on opportunities to solve problems faced by the community and possibly launching entrepreneurial endeavors for this purpose.
Main Duties and Responsibilities 
The key responsibilities of the Manager will be to establish the Center for Entrepreneurship, hire relevant personnel and develop plans for identification of potential entrepreneurs and businesses that can be supported through training and development to grow and prosper. The Manager will oversee the execution of the project in accordance with the approved Workplan, conduct trainings and developing strategies for capacity building in entrepreneurship. Manager of CE will oversee professional development of entrepreneurs, development of financial plans and financial forecasts, prepare reports, monitoring the project and oversee development of a strategical plan of 20 incubated business ideas. 

The Manager will develop in-depth knowledge of local conditions and work closely with local business for their support in sales, marketing, and other areas. The Manager will also be liaising with the local government to seek new areas for development and investment and identify potential new channels for growth.

Scope of work:
  • Provide advice through experts for business development of entrepreneurial ventures; 
  • Develop and enhance institutional / organizational capacity/ability of target groups through:
  • Training and professional growth of local start-ups and existing business ideas;
  • Mentoring \ coaching and on-site counseling;
  • Study tours/master classes, exchanging best practice experience in the relevant fields;
  • Organizing expert groups and workshops in collaboration with local entrepreneurs and local government (developing agenda, list of participants for the training workshops, and preparing discussion points, etc.);
  • Drafting workplans, budgets, TORs of programs/trainings, reports, and other project documents (as requested);
  • Organizing workshops, and expert group meetings supporting business incubation:
  • Guiding business ideas from idea to prototype to market launch;
  • Provide business incubation, acceleration and mentoring services to start-ups and innovators;
  • Provide consultancy support in fields of entrepreneurship, innovation, business incubation, science, technology, and SME development;
  • Monitor research, report, and disseminate trends in technology, innovation, entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurship related issues;
  • Provide training, HR development, mentoring and other services in these fields; 
  • Engage with potential investors with the aim/goal of investing in ideas incubated at the Center of Entrepreneurship;
  • Actively pursue all ideas to enhance sustainability of the Center for Entrepreneurship;
  • Liaise with national & international partners and other project beneficiaries to promote the project and training activities;
  • Liaise with relevant AKDN agencies; UCA, AKF KG and Accelerate Prosperity (AP), etc. to support implementation of project activities;
  • Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annual reports.
Planned Activities under the Local Impact project:
  • Commissioning of the Centre;
  • Formal Opening of the Centre;
  • Development of courses;
  • Training of instructors;
  • Selection of participants;
  • Provision of first training cycles and incubation activities.
Activities to be launched: 
  • Startup Weekend;
  • Business Model Competition;
  • Ideas Dating, Hackathons;
  • Program to polish business ideas; 
  • Incubation Program including development of relevant curriculum and teaching materials.

    Required Qualifications and Experience 

    • University degree in the area of management, business/economy or related field;
    • At least 5 years of work experience in business development and entrepreneurship;
    • Good understanding of the existing business principals, strategies, and legislation in the area of Custom Union, community development and capacity building;
    • At least 2 years in conducting trainings and workshops employing a participatory approach;
    • Experience in project/programme management and coordination with international agencies;
    • Professional report writing skills;
    • Knowledge of gender equality issues and skills on gender analysis of policy documents;
    • At least 3 to 5 years of experience in sales/marketing and business management;
    • Experience with mentoring and helping take business ideas to fruition would be preferred; 
    • Advanced proficiency in spoken and written English.
    • Experience in providing consultancy support in fields of entrepreneurship, innovation, business incubation.
    How to Apply
    Please send a cover letter, CV and contact information for three references to by October 4, 2020. Applications will be reviewed when received. Early applications are strongly encouraged. As your application e-mail subject, please write: “Manager of Center of Entrepreneurship/Local Impact – Future of Work”.
    Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

    Compliance Officer / Lawyer / Senior Lawyer

    Position: Compliance Officer / Lawyer / Senior Lawyer
    Department: Office of Legal Affairs, Operations
    Duty station: Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
    Deadline: 15 October 2020

    Summary of the Position
    The Compliance Officer / Lawyer will be responsible for the management and administration of UCA's compliance matters and documents control. In addition, in future, he / she will be accountable for maintaining and implementing UCA Safe Disclosure Policy and be responsible for the management of disclosures. The successful candidate will also work on dealing with ongoing legal issues of the organization as assigned by the management. The position will report to the Director - Legal Affairs.

    Main Duties and Responsibilities
    • In general, the Compliance Officer / Lawyer shall ensure that UCA complies with its internal policies and applicable laws of the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan, and shall also be responsible for the management of disclosures made in accordance with UCA Safe Disclosure Policy. In particular:
    • Keep up to date with relevant and applicable laws and regulations;
    • Monitor UCA compliance with laws, regulations and internal policies;
    • Investigate irregularities and non-compliance issues related to partner Universities, Donor Agencies and contracts of UCA staff;
    • Highlight or escalate areas of concern to the senior management;
    • Contribute to robust and effective compliance controls within UCA;
    • Assist in the gathering of internal information in response to regulatory requests;
    • Collaborate with other departments to create a culture of compliance;
    • Collect and collate all contracts entered into by UCA;
    • Monitor and update (where necessary) document control procedures for continued tracking and reporting;
    • Coordinate with various departments to obtain copies of contracts;
    • Coordinate with the Finance Department to obtain details of possible contracts;
    • Work with UCA Finance and Materials Management Department to ensure that all financial transactions are supported by contract documentation;
    • Update, maintain and archive a comprehensive database of all contracts;
    • Maintain all relevant files related to contract documentation;
    • Verify contracts to ensure these are validated by the legal department; 
    • Ensure the implementation of the Safe Disclosure Policy;
    • Ensure that all electronic or paper files or materials relevant to an internal investigation are kept confidential and secure;
    • Report a summary of the investigations of disclosures to the Audit & Risk Committee; and
    • Work on ongoing legal issues as assigned by the management.

    Required Qualifications and Experience
    • Education Requirement
    • Specialist diploma or bachelor’s degree in law;
    • LL.M. would be an advantage.

    Experience Requirement 
    • A minimum of 3 years of experience as a lawyer (experience with well-known law firms is desired);
    • Experience as a compliance officer, safe disclosure officer or internal investigator would be an added advantage.

    Skills and Competencies 
    • Good understanding of monitoring and managing contracts and other documents.
    • Proficiency in English and Russian; and
    • Ability to independently interact and communicate with the stakeholders.

    Candidates from the founding countries of UCA: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan are encouraged to apply for the position.
    How to Apply
    Please send a cover letter, CV and contact information for three references to by October 15, 2020. Applications will be reviewed when received. Early applications are strongly encouraged. As your application e-mail subject, please write: “Compliance Officer / Lawyer”.
    Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

    Manager of Advancement for Kazakhstan

    Position: Manager of Advancement for Kazakhstan
    Department: Advancement and Public Affairs
    Duty station: Almaty, Kazakhstan
    Deadline: Position open until filled

    Deadline: Position open until filled

    Summary of Position and Key Responsibilities
    The incumbent will be responsible for the planning and implementation of UCA’s development strategies related to fund raising in Central Asia, and Kazakhstan in particular. He/she will identify and work with high net worth individuals, corporations, and international partners, to address the growing operational and capital needs of the University. One of the key roles of the Manager is to encourage senior staff and faculty in developing attractive gift opportunities and fundraising proposals to garner support for capital investments, on-going academic programmes, new initiatives, annual giving, and alumni contributions.

    The Manager will assist the Director of Advancement and Public Affairs (APA) in overseeing the University’s fundraising campaigns and annual giving drives; develop and administer donor recognition policies; establish on-going dialogue and communication with existing and potential donors; and effectively track fundraising pledges, collections, and acknowledgement of gifts.

    In addition to responsibilities related to resource mobilization, this position requires the incumbent to have an in-depth understanding of communication and marketing techniques to effectively create awareness and cultivate a broad range of potential donors.

    Main Duties and Responsibilities  
    • Assist the Director of APA in developing and achieving fundraising goals, strategies, plans and objectives for potential donors in Central Asia.
    • Identify prospects and develop strategies to cultivate and solicit major gifts from corporations, and high net worth individuals in Kazakhstan.
    • Prepare fundraising proposals and gift opportunities for solicitating donations from existing as well as new prospects.
    • Identify and analyse information pertinent to the development of relationships with potential individual donors and corporations.
    • Prepare and present fund raising status reports to University officials.
    • Develop and administer recognition policies, and establish on-going dialogue and communication with existing and potential donors.
    • Visit donors, donor organisations, and foundations throughout Kazakhstan to raise awareness of the University’s programmes, new initiatives, and achievements, with the objective of soliciting gifts. 
    • Supervise and implement an effective programme of communication and stewardship for all donors and prospects.
    • Organise events on campus and elsewhere to showcase key programmes and achievements of UCA, with the objective of creating awareness and seeking donor support.
    • Plan and manage various campaigns and annual giving drives to achieve established fund raising targets and goals.
    • Recruit, train, and oversee volunteers in various donor geographies, to ensure they become effective in donor research, cultivation, solicitation (where appropriate), and follow up.
    • Establish systems for the effective tracking of fundraising drives, pledges, collections, acknowledgement of gifts, and timely collection of pledges.
    • Cultivate relationships with Central Asian and international media to give UCA greater regional and global exposure.
    • Provide strategic guidance to all entities and officers of the University on communications and marketing, media engagement, and donor event planning and management.
    • Other duties as assigned by the Director of APA.
    Required Qualifications and Experience 
    • Master’s degree, preferably in business, marketing, public relations, fundraising, government, or other germane fields. Relevant experience in lieu of a Master’s degree may be considered in exceptional cases.
    • At least ten years of experience in the corporate, business, or marketing profession. Previous fundraising experience is desirable.
    • The ability to motivate volunteers to engage with potential donors, and ensure effective follow up.
    • Maturity and ability to work with senior persons including UCA’s management team. 
    • Ability and stamina to travel regionally and internationally.
    • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills.
    • Fundraising and communications for an innovative institution like UCA requires the ability to think creatively, and a strong commitment to the mission and objectives of the University.
    • Demonstrated record of establishing relationships and rapport with the media.
    • Fluency in English, Kazakh, and Russian. Ability to speak in Kyrgyz and Tajik, an asset.
    Reporting Relationship and Location
    The position reports to the Director of Advancement and Public Affairs of UCA and will be based in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

    How to Apply
    Please send a cover letter, CV, and contact information for three references to Applications will be reviewed when received, and the position is open until filled. As your application e-mail subject, please write: “KZ Manager of Advancement”.

    Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

    Student Life Advisor

    Position: Student Life Advisor
    Department: School of Arts and Sciences
    Duty station: Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic and Khorog, Tajikistan (please indicate the location of interest)
    Deadline: Position open until filled

    Deadline: Open until filled

    Summary of Position and Key Responsibilities
    UCA is seeking Student Life Advisors (SLA) who will help develop, coordinate, and maintain programmes within and beyond the residence hall with the aim of providing a positive intellectual, emotional, and social living environment for students. The SLA is a peer leader to students who supervises students living in UCA’s residence halls and is often the first point of contact for students with academic, institutional, or personal questions. The main responsibility of the SLA is to provide support, encouragement, and leadership to their campus community and to help build a strong, welcoming, and inclusive campus community, while encouraging an immersive English language environment. 

    The SLA will serve as a supportive and helpful resource, providing academic, personal advice and guidance to students. UCA will have three SLAs per campus and each will be responsible for the design and implementation of various programmatic that can be but are not limited to the following: (1) Athletics, Wellness, and Recreational Programmes; (2) Student Clubs and Student Leadership Programmes, and (3) Community Service Programs (4) Special Events. All SLAs will support Residence Life, live in the dormitories, and will help to resolve and/or mediate roommate disputes; provide after-hours emergency assistance to residents; ensure adherence to the Residence Rules and Regulations; and assist with orientation of new residents. Student Life Advisors will be required to live in the dormitories of the UCA campus. 

    Main Responsibilities Include:
    • Provide meaningful, education, co-curricular, experiential, and social programming to support students' growth, development, and relationship building; 
    • Lead in the implementation of all athletics (e.g. sports teams, fitness programs, outdoor activities etc.), student clubs (e.g. Debate Club, Model United Nations, Theater Club, Research Club etc.), student leadership (e.g. Student Association), diversity and inclusion activities, community service, and academic support (e.g. tutoring) on campus; 
    • Lead orientation programmes for first year students to ensure they are properly settled into campus life and are comfortable living away from home;
    • Offer programmes that orient students to the university resources available to them, and those that will help students find their niche in the wider campus community; 
    • Assist with organizing university-wide events, floor events, training and guidance to student groups, event planning, fiscal management, procurement etc.;
    • In some instances, support academic programmes; 
    • Create diversity and inclusion programming that could include workshops or events and encourage a daily practice of tolerance and understanding;
    • Help establish a campus community to create an ethically sound student body.
    Rules and Policies:
    • Encourage an immersive English language environment, which will be critical for the success of students in UCA’s academic programmes;
    • Educate residents on the policies and procedures of Residential Life, Student Code of Conduct, and the university overall; 
    • Hold residents accountable for their behavior; 
    • Perform as a mediator in conflicts among residents and staff. 
    Facilities, Amenities and Administrative Tasks:
    • Keeping track of student residents;
    • Document policy violations, create reports, survey analysis;
    • Report maintenance and facility concerns, conduct health and safety inspections, and some dormitory walk throughs;
    • Procure items for students and handle logistics queries.
    Student Liaison:
    • Assist residents in developing relationships with each other;
    • Promote student involvement in university activities and events; 
    • Act as a positive role model for both fellow staff members and residents by not participating in questionable and unethical behaviors and by following the highest standards of personal conduct; 
    • Counsel residents regarding personal and academic concerns; 
    • Be visible, regularly available, and accessible to address residents' needs or concerns;
    • At times required to work evenings and weekends to monitor student programming or events.
    Wellness and Academic Support:
    • Build one-on-one relationships with students with the goal of helping them develop as well-rounded individuals; 
    • Provide support related to study skills, time management, reasoning, etc.
    Minimum Qualifications and Relevant Experience 
    • Bachelor’s Degree is required;
    • At least two years’ experience tutoring or working with students in upper years of high school or the first and second year of university; 
    • Experience working with or leading one or more of the following programmes for students: Athletics Programmes, Student Clubs and/or Student Leadership Programmes, Academic Support Programmes, Residential Life
    • Event planning and logistics experience is an asset;
    • Demonstrates sensitivity to and interest in people, neutrality, respect for dignity and open-mindedness on issues; 
    • At least two years of on campus living at a college or university is an asset;
    • Have one to three years of experience working with students, in student services and/or residence life; experience as an RA or RD is preferred; 
    • Self-disciplined; interested in people on an individual basis and aware of the feelings, needs, and rights of others; interested in group living and in promoting positive aspects of community life on the floor and in the hall as a whole;
    • Able and willing to fulfill all management functions; committed to student growth and the concept that student life facilitate the educational and personal development; committed to a flexible work environment
    Desired Skills and Qualifications 
    • Demonstrates initiative and is a self-starter;
    • Event planning skills are highly valuable; 
    • Passionate about the quality of life for all residents; 
    • Approachable and accessible to residents; 
    • Discreet, will respect confidentiality guidelines at all times, and has demonstrated tact, good judgement, maturity and a high level of conduct when dealing with others; 
    • Good listener and possesses an ability to communicate effectively; 
    • Effective in helping residents to understand/resolve their problems and will refer them to a professional resource/counsellor as needed; 
    • Works well in a team setting; 
    • Convey a positive attitude towards the SLA position and its duties and responsibilities; 
    • Can work in a flexible work environment.
    • Advanced English (written and spoken) is required; 
    • Fluency in Russian is required; 
    • Knowledge of Kyrgyz, Tajik, Shugni and/or Kazakh would be an asset. 
    Salary and Package

    Salary and package to attract the best candidate. The Student Life Advisor is required to live on campus in the dormitories and must be available to be on-call. 

    How to Apply
    Please send a cover letter, CV, and contact information for three references to AKDN Career Centre

    Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

    Campus Counsellor

    Position: Campus Counsellor
    Department: School of Arts and Sciences
    Duty station: Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic
    Deadline: Position open until filled

    Reports to: Manager of Student Affairs
    Deadline: Open until filled

    Summary of Position and Key Responsibilities
    The University of Central Asia is seeking a full-time Counsellor to provide a student-centered, inclusive and proactive support system for students of UCA under the general direction of the Manager of Student Affairs, who is part of the Dean’s Management Team. The position will be based on the Naryn campus in Kyrgyzstan. The successful candidate is primarily responsible for the provision of guidance and counselling services to students who are seeking solutions to personal concerns, but the Counsellor will also provide career and academic services to students. He or she will address the full spectrum of student issues at an individual and group level.  The Counsellor will work with the Career and Co-operative Education centre to provide career advice to students and work intimately with the primary health care professionals to respond to campus health care needs as one seamless, overall service. The Counsellor will address students’ developmental and personal problems, mental health problems and crises. 

    Counselling Services directly support the mission of the University of Central Asia by engaging in activities that facilitate the student learning experience and increase student engagement and success.  The Counsellor will also assist with residence life, student orientations and other activities that enhance well-being; deliver student support courses such as life skills, career exploration, school life balance and related activities. The Counsellor will oversee a series of programme interventions with an emphasis on prevention and catching issues early on that address the needs and pre-existing issues faced at a remote university campus in Central Asia.  The counsellor will need to be the kind of individual who can develop and deliver innovative programmes and support structures that are responsive to the needs of Central Asian students, faculty and their families. 
    Additional Responsibilities Include:
    Health and Psychological Counselling Services 
    • Offer mental health assessment and counselling to students on a wide variety of issues including suspected or confirmed mental health problems;
    • Create awareness among students, faculty and staff regarding mental health and diversity issues; 
    • Develop and manage support programs for campus crises;
    • Offer personal counselling to students adjusting to post-secondary studies and living away from home. 
    Faculty and Staff 
    • Provide confidential consultations to staff/faculty and their families on an individual basis regarding matters both personal and professional i.e. stress and mental health problems;
    • Offer a variety of educational and training workshops for faculty and their families;
    • Work closely with other student services areas (e.g. security, nurse, residence advisors) to ensure a holistic and seamless approach.
    Desired Qualities and Capacities: 
    • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, and the ability to work effectively with a diverse student body, preferably with experience in the developing world and/or in a rural community;
    • A capacity to handle sensitive situations and confidential information with discretion and a genuine concern for student success;
    • An understanding of issues and cultural norms experienced by Central Asian students;
    • An ability to establish a cooperative work environment and create strong collaborative relationships;
    • Proven ability to engage students, staff and faculty in developing a healthy campus culture that supports well-being;
    • Experience working with health care professionals to offer integrated mental and health services such as critical incident training;
    • Proven ability to work collaboratively with academic personnel and leadership;
    • Willingness to build expertise in career counselling;
    • Strong computer skills in Microsoft Office
    Minimum Qualifications and Relevant Experience 
    • Graduate Degree in Counselling Psychology from a reputable graduate program;
    • One year of supervised clinical counselling training;  
    • Minimum of one-year psychological counselling experience;
    • Preference will be given to applicants with two years of personal, mental health, crisis and student success counselling at a post-secondary institution within the past five years;
    • Professionalism, tact, accuracy, timeliness, and sensitivity are required to effectively advise students and to maintain and enhance relationships with students; 
    • Experience with group and/or workshop facilitation including development of seminars;
    • Specialized training and credentials in any areas of critical incident training, mental health training, and/or diversity training is an asset.
    • Advanced English is required, Russian fluency is strongly preferred; 
    • Working knowledge of Kyrgyz, Tajik, and Kazakh would be an asset.
    • Reports to the Manager of Student Affairs, works closely with the Dean of Arts and Sciences, the Cooperative Education Office, Faculty and Staff.
    Salary and Package
    Salary and package to attract the best candidate. 

    How to Apply
    Please send a cover letter, CV, and contact information for three references to AKDN Career Centre

    Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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