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28 December 2019 | NEWS
Branding Naryn to Promote Socio-Economic Development
Communications and Media students of UCA’s Class of 2021 are exploring how to brand Naryn to promote socio-economic opportunities in the mountainous regions, and enhance the quality of life in Naryn Oblast by providing better jobs and living conditions in the region. Students presented branding proposals to a panel of UCA faculty and staff, and some will also be formally presented to the Naryn government authorities for consideration.
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25 December 2019 | NEWS
UCA’s Contribution to Open Government Partnership Recognised
The University of Central Asia was recognised by the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic on December 20th 2019 for its significant contribution to the implementation of the Open Government Partnership in the Kyrgyzstan, specifically related to the disclosure of mining industry data.
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20 December 2019 | NEWS
Ustatshakirt Ensemble Performs for UCA Students in Bishkek
University of Central Asia’s freshmen students at the Naryn campus (Kyrgyzstan) attended a special performance by the Ustatshakirt ensemble in Bishkek, established and supported by the Aga Khan Music Initiative. The event exposed students to rich Kyrgyz musical traditions, and was followed by a visit to the Gapar Aitiev Kyrgyz National Museum of Fine Arts.
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17 December 2019 | NEWS
UCA Releases New Study Guide for Naryn Schools
A new study guide for Grade 5-11 secondary school students on “Soil Study and Evaluation through Experiments” was formally released on December 17th for teachers and education departments in Naryn. The manual was developed by UCA’s Mountain Societies Research Institute in Kyrgyz and Russian languages, and is approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic.
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15 December 2019 | NEWS
Aarhus Centre Engaging Youth for Environment Protection
Students from the University of Central Asia (UCA) and Naryn State University participated in a workshop on developing cooperation on environment protection issues. It was organised by UCA’s Mountain Societies Research Institute (MSRI) at the newly established Aarhus centre, based in UCA’s School of Professional and Continuing Education learning centre in Naryn on December 12th 2019.
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02 December 2019 | NEWS
UCA Helps Expand Role of Museums in Kyrgyzstan
The Cultural Heritage and Humanities Unit (CHHU) of UCA's Graduate School of Development, organised a training on “Museum Collection Management: Storage, Accounting and Exhibition” on November 28th in Bishkek. It was held as part of CHHU’s ongoing efforts to build human resource capacity of national museums in Kyrgyzstan.
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25 November 2019 | NEWS
MSRI Support for Dialogues on Water Science Technologies
Representatives from UCA’s Mountain Societies Research Institute (MSRI) and the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) delivered presentations at a workshop on “Water Quality, Water, Ecosystems and Energy” on November 11-15. It was organised by the European Union Central Asia Network for Water Science and Technology.
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19 November 2019 | NEWS
Naryn Community Committed to Solving Environmental Problems
Naryn is a mountainous region, located over 300 km from Kyrgyzstan’s capital, yet experiences environmental problems at a higher intensity. With this in mind, a group of UCA students organised a training session for the Naryn community to raise awareness on these issues, and discuss how they can play a more effective role in protecting their environment.
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18 November 2019 | NEWS
Climate Change Lecture Held at UCA
Dr. Tariq Banuri, Chairman of the Higher Education Commission of the Government of Pakistan, delivered a lecture on climate change at the University of Central Asia.
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10 November 2019 | NEWS
Using Research Evidence to Tackle Climate Change
Water in the Isfara river region has become a source of tensions in the relationship between water departments and local governments. There is a need for improved natural resource management in order to respond to growing climate change concerns. Through research conducted by MSRI, UCA aims to provide local stakeholders with a qualitative, evidence-based research to help them reconsider that water issues are complex, and the need for cooperation.
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