UCA Summer Institute Promotes Pluralism

Date: 23 August 2019
Other languages: Русский язык |
The University of Central Asia’s (UCA) Student Affairs and Human Resources departments held a Skills for Pluralism Summer Institute at the UCA Khorog campus from August 1-9 2019. The institute was aimed at increasing interpersonal, intercultural, and problem-solving skills in order to deepen personal competence and relationships between departments, campuses and communities. It covered three modules including an Introduction to Counselling Skills, Group Processes, and Conflict Analysis and Transformation.

“I have been surprised and fascinated to see the significant difference it makes to use the listening techniques we learned…and was amazed at how much deeper and more effective conversations become,” said 2019 Summer Institute student. 

“I am very impressed that UCA is investing in its community’s ability to support and understand mental health.  These workshops have a double benefit – they equip us with strategies to interact more effectively and humanely, and they connect us with each other in ways that we would never experience otherwise.  I would love to see this institute continue to grow as I think it would contribute to an amazing and pretty unique organizational culture,” added another participant.

The sessions were developed and led by Robin Higgins, UCA’s Counsellor at the Khorog Campus, Samreen Kalani, Naryn Campus Counsellor, Jonathan Morris, a Canadian counselling and group skills instructor at the University of Victoria and Douglas College in Canada, as well as Dr. Randy Janzen, Professor teaching Conflict Analysis and Transformation at Selkirk College in Canada and other parts of the world.

Courses, workshops and lectures were offered to over 70 participants with representatives from human resources, finance, School of Arts and Sciences, School of Professional and Continuing Education, and student life departments, as well as UCA undergraduate interns, and representatives from Aga Khan Development Network agencies.
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