UCA Students Promote Tech Projects with a Social Impact

Date: 10 October 2019
Other languages: Русский язык |

The University of Central Asia's undergraduate students held a hackathon event at the Naryn campus (Kyrgyzstan) as part of the DTCA conference on October 6. The hackathon exhibition provided an opportunity for students to present nine innovative tech projects and prototypes with social impact. Conference participants evaluated the projects based on impact, feasibility, and creativity, among other criteria.

The first place winner was “Virtual Eyes”, aimed at using a special pair of eye glasses with voice assist for people who are visually impaired. Other projects included: services to provide support materials for people who are dyslexic; a database for online medical advice; an online platform to digitise and organise all aspects of an orphanage; a digital box for charity donations; segregating wet and dry waste to include more environment-friendly disposal methods; a digital platform connecting women and providing resources for people who have been subjected to abuse; a Bishkek to Naryn goods delivery system, and an online platform aimed at connecting employers and employees in Central Asia.

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