The Garment Sector and Youth Employment in Kyrgyzstan: A Value Chain Analysis

Type: Working Papers
Size: 2MB
Date: 27 July 2020
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A value chain analysis of the garment sector identifies gaps in the knowledge and skills of youth workers in sewing workshops, examines constraints which affect negatively the decision of youth workers to constantly change their workplaces as well as pinpoints potential opportunities of garment production in rural areas of Kyrgyzstan. The study’s methodology includes desk research and in-depth interviews with representatives from the Kyrgyz government, a review of publications from the media and international organizations, and qualitative interviews with sewing workshops actors in rural and urban areas of Kyrgyzstan. The study refreshes the thinking about the current state of garment production in Kyrgyzstan, its structure, and main stakeholders. The study also gives an overview of the garment value chain stages and discusses issues relating to issues of migration, unemployment, gender, and core literacy skills relevant to the current state of the garment sector. Lastly, the study offers policy recommendations to international and governmental organizations and garment sector stakeholders, including donor organizations.
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