UCA News - Issue 69

Date: 22 December 2010
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UCA Research Featured at 11th Annual Central Eurasian Studies Society Conference
UCA’s Research Programme and the Aga Khan Humanities Project (AKHP) represented the University at the 11th Annual Conference of the Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS) from 29 to 31 October 2010. The conference – hosted by Michigan State University’s Center for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies and the Asian Studies Center – featured presentations by scholars from North America, Europe and Asia engaged in research and scholarship in Central Asia in a variety of disciplines.

Dr Elmira Kochumkulova, UCA Research FellowDr Elmira Kochumkulova, UCA Research Fellow.Anthropologist Dr Kochumkulova presented a paper entitled “Masters of Verbal Art: The Role of Aqïns in Contemporary Kyrgyz Society and Politics”. The paper focused on the role of Kyrgyz aqïns (oral poets), the dynamics of the oral poetic aytïsh tradition, and the state of aqïns’s profession in post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan. Dr Kochumkulova also chaired a panel on Pre-1916 Kyrgyz and Steppe History.

Dr Duishon Shamatov, whose research focuses on education in post-Soviet Central Asia, presented a paper entitled “The Impact of International Standardized Tests on Education Quality in Kyrgyzstan”. The paper analysed the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) process and test results, following its introduction to Kyrgyzstan in 2006. Dr Shamatov also served as discussant for a panel entitled “Higher Education in Contemporary Kyrgyzstan: Participation and Purposes” which included presentations by Martha Merril, Todd Drummond, and Alan DeYoung.

For more information on these research projects, please contact: Dr Elmira Kochumkulova at elmira.kuchumkulova@ucentralasia.org  and Dr Duishon Shamatov at duishon.shamatov@ucentralasia.org.

UCA’s Aga Khan Humanities Project Assessed for the Future
The Conference also featured a UCA-sponsored panel entitled “The Aga Khan Humanities Project (AKHP): Still Relevant” which featured presentations by Dr Sunatullo Jonboboev, UCA Senior Research Fellow and former manager of AKHP’s Faculty Development Programme; Dr Abdurahim Juraev, Director of the Innovative Educational Centre at Khujand State University and current Head of International Relations Department of Tajik State University of Law, Business and Politics; and Anne Fairman, UCA Research Analyst. The panel was chaired by Dr Nasreen Dhanani, UCA’s Deputy Director and Director of the Research Programme, with Dr Sharofat Mamadambarova, Head of AKHP, as discussant. 

Dr Sunatullo Jonboboev, UCA Senior Research Fellow.Dr Sunatullo Jonboboev, UCA Senior Research Fellow."Panelists presented papers on various components of AKHP to facilitate a discussion on evaluating the programme and chart a future for AKHP as part of UCA’s academic programmes. Ms Fairman focused on the evolution of AKHP, which was established in 1997 and has been actively training instructors, developing curricula, and engaging students in coursework through partner universities and secondary schools in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. Dr Jonboboev presented a paper entitled “Integrated Humanities Curriculum and Education Reform: Counteracting the Tides of Nationalism, Fundamentalism and Anti-Globalism” that discussed the need for humanities curricula in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet system and current trends in nationalism, fundamentalism, and globalization in the region. Dr Juraev drew on first-hand experience in AKHP’s development and implementation within a state university. His paper, “Implementing Curriculum Reform in Central Asia through the Aga Khan Humanities Project: The Case of Khujand State University” explored the successful implementation of AKHP programmes at Khujand State University. Dr Sharofat Mamadambarova summarised the panel papers and highlighted further insights into the present issues on AKHP’s continued engagement in the region.

For more information on AKHP, contact Dr Sharofat Mamadambarova at sharofat.mamadambarova@ucentralasia.org

Staff Research Activities
Dr David Gullette is Planning and Reporting Analyst at the University of Central Asia, and an Associated Researcher of the Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit, University of Cambridge. His recent publications include:

  • The Genealogical Construction of the Kyrgyz Republic: Kinship, State and ‘Tribalism’. Folkestone: Global Oriental-Brill. 219pp. (2010)
  • “Clan” politics in Central Asia. In Stable Outside, Fragile Inside? Post-Soviet Statehood in Central Asia (ed) Emilian Kavalski. Ashagate: London. (2010)
  • “Institutionalized instability: Factors Leading to the April 2010 Uprising in Kyrgyzstan”. Eurasia Review 3: 89-105
  • “Resurrecting an energy tariff policy in Kyrgyzstan”. Security Policy Papers No. 1. OSCE Academy and Geneva Centre of Security Policy (2010)

Rahim Moloo is head of UCA’s Department of Legal Affairs. He is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Vale Center for Sustainable International Investment at Columbia University’s School of Law and Earth Institute. He will also be a Visiting Fellow at the Lauterpacht Centre of International Law at the University of Cambridge this upcoming year. His recent publications include:

  • with Jacinto, J., Health and Environmental Regulation: Assessing Liability Under Investment Treaties. Berkeley Journal of International Law. (2010)
  • with Lamm, C., Pham, H., Fraud and Corruption Claims in International Disputes, in Liber Amicorum in Honor of Bernardo Cremades (eds) M. Á. Fernández-Ballesteros and D. Arias. Alphen aan den Rijn: Wolters Kluwer. (2010)
  • with Jacinto, J., Drafting International Mediation Clauses, Mediation Techniques. International Bar Association. (2010)
  • A Comment on the Clean Hands Doctrine in International Law. Inter Alia, University of Durham. (2010)

Dr Duishon Shamatov is a UCA Research Fellow specialising on education in post-Soviet contexts. His recent publications include:

  • and Sainazarov, K. The Impact of Standardized Tests on Education Quality in Kyrgyzstan: A Case of PISA 2006 in The Impact of International Achievement Studies on National Education Policymaking (ed) Alexander Wiseman. Bingley: Emerald. (2010)
  • and Joldoshalieva, R. Teacher Training in Kyrgyzstan in International Handbook of Teacher Education World-wide. Volume 2. (eds) K. Karras and C. Wolhuter. Athens: Atropos. (2010)
  • and Schatz, E., Niyozov, N. Publications for Improving Scholarship in Central Asia, American University in Central Asia Academic Review, 1 (11): 172-179 (2010)
  • and Niyozov, S. (2010). Teachers Surviving to Teach: Implications for Post-Soviet Education and Society in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan in Globalization, Ideology and Education Policy Reforms: Globalization, Comparative Education and Policy Research (ed) J. Zajda. New York: Springer. (2010)
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