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26 November 2018 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
AKHP Public Lecture, Almaty: Introduction to the International Law on Refugees, and Protection of Refugees in the Republic of Kazakhstan
The modern refugee law should be looked at from the viewpoint of a broader global context – the context, where it first appeared and began to evolve. In the early 20th century, the international community encountered the problem of refugees, and for humanitarian reasons, took on the role to provide refugees with protection and assistance. The model of international response with respect to protection of refugees was first established by the League of Nations, and evolved into a number of international treaties in this sphere. The failure to successfully address the issue of refugees after the Second World War entailed the need to develop a new international document to define legal status of refugees.
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17 November 2018 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
AKHP Public Lecture, Khorog: Coexistence of the Past and the Present in Artistic Images in Tajik Badakhshan
Using paintings, the lecturer will discuss some social changes and changes in the values of people, caused by past and present processes in Tajikistan, particularly in Badakhshan.
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14 November 2018 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
CHHU Public Lecture, November 14th, Bishkek: Young Muslims Negotiating Muslim Identities In Scandinavia
This lecture addresses the experiences of Muslim young adults living in Scandinavia. It discusses how they understand and negotiate Islam in relation to their families, friends, and the majority society's expectations.
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01 November 2018 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
MSRI Public Lecture, Bishkek, November 1st: Aquaculture: Global Trends and Opportunities for Kyrgyzstan?
During this lecture, the presenter will discuss the evolution of aquaculture worldwide, from a subsistence point of view to becoming a multi-million dollar industry. 
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UCA Public Lecture October 30th, Bishkek: Partnering for Systemic Transformation
This lecture will explore the ten-year partnership between the Government of Kazakhstan and the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge which aimed to assist in the transformation of the education system in a group of schools of innovation (NIS) and then roll this out to all the whole system.

28 September 2018 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
AKHP Public Lecture, Khorog: Value of Traditional Arts and Crafts
The lecture will discuss the story behind the establishment of the "De Pamiri" organisation in the stormy historical period. The organisation seeks to revive traditional art and give a new impetus for its development, while adapting it for the present-day social realities and preserving its true purpose and fundamental nature.
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27 September 2018 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
MSRI Public Lecture, Bishkek: Seed Systems of Gorno-Badakhshan: Actors and Patterns of Innovation Processes
The Pamirs is one of the largest mountainous regions in Central Asia, with a harsh environment and complex agricultural production systems. Cultivation of crops, especially legumes and cereals, is possible due to a rich local agrobiodiversity: Varieties, which are adapted to local growing conditions, fulfilling the needs of the local population. 

26 September 2018 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
AKHP Public Lecture, Dushanbe: Export Diversification in Modern Russian Economy
The lecture will discuss the main structural features of the Russian economy, and what industries might ensure its long-term economic growth. 
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09 September 2018 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
IPPA Public Lecture September 9th (Naryn) and 10th (Bishkek): The Role of Universities in Shaping Urban Development
During the lecture, a number of issues associated with cooperation between municipalities and universities will be tackled. The special focus will be paid to the area of city planning and development, within which the experience of cooperation between Gdansk University of Technology and Polish municipalities will be discussed. The issues associated with developing and implementing the concepts of “smart and attractive cities will be widely discussed.

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