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Poverty Profile and Regional Welfare Disparities in the Kyrgyz Republic
Every country has places where living standards are lower than the national average. These welfare disparities between and within regions may stem from the concentration of people with better demographic and human capital characteristics (concentration hypothesis) or due to the differences in returns to these characteristics (geography hypothesis). The recent poverty profile of the Kyrgyz Republic demonstrates how poverty varies with geography and how it is affected by different household-level attributes.
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UCA Public Lecture: Poverty Profile and Regional Welfare Disparities in the Kyrgyz Republic
On 16 April 2013, 4pm, as part of UCA's Public Lecture Series, Aziz Atamanov will be speaking on "Poverty Profile and Regional Welfare Disparities in the Kyrgyz Republic", at UCA Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic 2nd Floor Conference Room.

AKHP Public Lecture - Theory of Superstring and Quantum Gravitation
As part of the Aga Khan Humanities Project Public Lecture Series, Professor Muminov Khikmat will deliver a lecture entitled ‘Theory of Superstring and Quantum Gravitation’ on 23 March 2013, 11am - 1pm at the Ismaili Centre, Dushanbe.

08 February 2013 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
Social Work Development: Fundamental Trends in Modern Kyrgyzstan
This presentation includes a discussion of fundamental directions and trends in the development of social work.
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07 February 2013 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
Financial Support Obligation in Kyrgyz Kinship Networks
Financial obligation in Kyrgyz society include a system of compulsory monetary contributions from immediate and extended family members at funerals, weddings, or when a person is facing health issues. The presentation will include findings from a study of the systems through which financial and material support obligations are fulfilled within kinship networks in contemporary Kyrgyz society.
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Food Security and the Agricultural Cooperation Agenda in Central Asia with a Focus on Tajikistan
The global rise in food prices, significant dependence on food staple imports, and the temporary wheat export bans by the region’s main producers is having a dramatic impact on the lives of millions in Central Asia. This is particularly the case in Tajikistan which has faced a series of natural calamities and poor economic performance over the past few years.
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Agricultural Productivity, Poverty and Export Potential in Talas Oblast of Kyrgyzstan
Poverty in Kyrgyzstan has been an important and persistent problem since independence in the 1990s. Despite a decrease in poverty rates in the last decade, rates continue to be high. Remote rural areas have lower potential for economic growth, and demonstrate higher and more volatile levels of poverty that are sensitive to external negative factors. This lecture will present findings from research on the determinants of rural poverty in the remote area of Talas oblast of Kyrgyzstan. The research focused on the main factors determining rural poverty to improve the theoretical basis of agricultural research in the region, and produce practical recommendations for growth in the sector.  The research found a statistically significant link between poverty and production efficiency at the household level.   The presentation will also include an overview of rural production, the results of alternative poverty measurement in the region, and the case for the new export potential of Talas beans, which has developed in recent years. 
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Balance of Payments of the Kyrgyz Republic: Accounting Principles and Current Status
This lecture will examine the theoretical basis of building international accounts and the balance of payments of the Kyrgyz Republic. Concepts such as the double entry system, the economic territory, residency, the centre of economic interest and time of registration will be discussed in depth. The lecture will also include an overview of the current status of the balance of payments of the Kyrgyz Republic based on data on the first half of 2013. Features of the country's balance of payments statistics will be described, as well as the problem of "errors and omissions".


18 December 2012 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
Transport Corridors in Central Asia
At the moment there is no effective and commercially attractive transport links between the countries of Central Asia and Afghanistan, South Asia and the Middle East. An urgent need is to build a railroad across northern Afghanistan with access to Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, and the railroad from Kazakhstan via Turkmenistan to Afghanistan.
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10 December 2012 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
Torture and Transition: Determinants of International Human Rights Norm Compliance in Central Asia – Comparative Analysis of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan
An exclusive lecture to commemorate Human Rights Day
Post-communist states have had two decades of experience with the free market of goods and ideas. With regards to liberal norms, after independence, they rapidly signed and ratified a variety of conventions and treaties. However, for many states these actions were simply opportunities to satisfy desires for membership in international institutions and appease Western donors and human rights critics. The case of the post-Soviet Tajikistan, in comparison to its northern neighbor of Kyrgyzstan, offers an opportunity for analysis.
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