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CHHU Public Lecture, Bishkek: A Dombra that Plays Itself: Morals and Meaning in Traditional Tales
Meaning is always in motion, evolving and changing as we change, and this lecture aims to deepen our understanding of this story, and perhaps our understanding of how meaning works through images as well.
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AKHP Public Lecture, Almaty: Abai and the Future of Kazakhstan
In this lecture, Orazaly Sabden will leverage Abai’s teachings to discuss building a new humane society and developing its moral code in the 21st century.
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AKHP Public Lecture, Dushanbe: Impact of Extreme Factors of High-Mountain Areas on the Biological Resources of the Eastern Pamirs
The lecture will highlight several fundamental issues, related to the ecological condition of the Eastern Pamirs.
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IPPA Public Lecture, Bishkek: The Role of Women in the Economic Development of Afghanistan
Overall, the lecture will focus on Afghan women employability and entrepreneurship opportunities for engagement in economic development. The lecturer argues that in the context of Afghanistan, women’s economic empowerment requires better policy-making, which can in turn improve the level of policy implementation in different parts of the country. The lecture highlights the need for rethinking government economic policies with an emphasis on the essential components of women’s economic empowerment such as security and innovative opportunities for women’s participation in national and local economic development.
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28 September 2019 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
AKHP Public Lecture, Dushanbe: Performing Shashmaqam Art in Central Asia
The lecturer will describe methods that different maqam schools of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan employ to produce sounds with voice and musical instruments. He will discuss techniques of traditional singing, as well as styles of performing melodies with tanbur, which is the lead instrument in Shashmaqam performance.
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27 September 2019 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
AKHP Public Lecture, Khorog: Phraseological and Lexical Synonymity in Unwritten Languages (Using the Example of Shughni Language)
Synonymity is believed to be an attribute of only literary written languages, however, research findings by the lecturer have demonstrated that it can also be found in unwritten languages. The origin of unwritten languages is similar to its formation in literary languages. Through his research, synonymic chains and its types have been identified, which helps demonstrate that speakers of unwritten languages use synonyms contextually. Unwritten languages are currently threatened by extinction. Using the example of Shughni, the lecture will describe methods and tools to address this issue, such as preserving the language through different types of dictionaries.
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24 September 2019 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
AKHP Public Lecture, Bishkek: The Kyrgyz Self-Exploration Experience: Searching for Lost Tradition in Modern Contexts
Since time immemorial, small and large nations and cultures have explored their spirituality in a quest to find their place in the world. One’s spiritual path is not always clear, and without deep thought, the process can remain perfunctory. In ancient times, Kyrgyz people were keen to explore and discover their spiritual path, however, gradually, notions of this self-exploration have been replaced with formal traditions, imposed external laws and ideologies. Individuals have thus lost a sense of a real, vibrant and authentic spirituality. This lecture will invite participants to reflect on this change, and how there is a contradiction between the development of formal traditions and traditions related with the real life of people.

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12 September 2019 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
UCA Public Lecture (Online): Digital Disruption
The lecturer will provide an introduction to a topic that is on many business leaders minds, and keeps some of them awake at night. It is the Digital disruption dilemma, and in particular what the potential is that will overturn incumbents and reshape markets faster than perhaps any force in history!
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UCA Public Lecture (Online): Evolving Technologies and Emerging Issues
The University of Central Asia (UCA) is pleased to launch a series of public lectures as part of pre-conference events for the "Digital Transformation in Central Asia" conference, to be held in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan from October 4th to 6th 2019. UCA and the High Technology Park of the Kyrgyz Republic will host the joint conference aimed at providing IT leaders the opportunity to connect with 100+ Chief Information Officers and IT leaders within Central Asia and abroad to collaborate and solve the technology problems together. To register, or for further information on the conference speakers and programme, please visit:
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AKHP Public Lecture, Khorog: Challenges of a New Time: Solutions for Water Problems in GBAO
Climate change and population growth are important factors that are impacting the availability of water resources. A larger share of water resources is being used for agriculture and other purposes in rural areas. Before the 1990s, water in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO) was regulated through collective farms and Oblast-level water management bodies. Today, each farmer has to independently handle farm irrigation. Year after year, improper irrigation of land erodes lands and degrades crops. This lecture will offer efficient solutions for water-related problems in GBAO.
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